SEAN BAILEY attorney

Sean is a BC local and grew up in Surrey where he attended primary and secondary school. During that time was a dedicated athlete and drama student.

He attended the University of British Columbia and graduated in 2014. While pursuing his undergraduate degree he majored in Anthropology but took electives in many different courses to suit his varied academic interests including History, Philosophy , Political Science and Literature.

After graduating from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Arts, he attended the University of Manitoba to obtain a Juris Doctor degree. While there, he took a variety of courses including labour-management relations, employment law, and negotiations.

After graduating from law school, he articled at a boutique civil litigation firm in Kelowna, British Columbia where he was able to hone his advocacy skills. While in Kelowna, he took advantage of the scenic landscape and developed a passion for hiking.

Outside of law, Sean enjoys pursuing both his various academic interests as well as engaging in physical activity. He is an avid reader and enjoys reading about numerous topics but particularly enjoys Philosophy and History. He also enjoys learning languages and translating works of literature from those languages into English. He is an avid chess player, which assists him in plotting litigation strategies.

Sean is a tireless advocate for his clients and will not hesitate to fight for you and protect your legal interests. However, he also understands that law is not always about fighting and realizes that in most instances finding a mutually agreeable solution is the best course of action. In that sense. he is a problem solver that seeks out creative solutions to legal issues. In addition to being a strong advocate for clients, he approaches his legal practice with a sense of compassion and understanding, recognizing that clients come to him in extremely difficult circumstances.

Sean’s primary area of practice is in employment, labour, human rights and civil litigation.