Human Rights Law

Human rights issue in the workplace? We can help.

Human rights issues in the workplace are often super-charged with emotion – and rightly so.  Human rights go to the very core of our dignity as individuals. Human rights laws protect individuals across Canada from discrimination on prohibited grounds such as disability, sex, sexual orientation, and race.

Our lawyers have represented clients at human rights tribunals in BC, Alberta, Ontario, and at the Federal Commission and Tribunal. We have also represented clients in court at judicial reviews of human rights cases.

Do you have a human rights issue?  Set up a consultation with one of our lawyers.  We’ll listen carefully to you about what’s happened, explain the law, and set out your options.  Labour Rights Law has years of success getting good settlements on human rights matters quickly and effectively, and, if needed, fiercely advocating for clients at Human Rights tribunals and commissions.

Labour Rights Law provides advice and advocacy to clients on all sorts of human rights issues, including:

  • Workplace discrimination, including on the basis of disability, sex, and family status
  • The duty to accommodate
  • Obligations of employers, and workers, in accommodation process
  • Privacy of medical information in the duty to accommodate process
  • “Best practices” human rights policies and practices

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