Employment, labour, and human rights law is all that we do.

And we love what we do.

Since 2013, Labour Rights Law has been providing effective, affordable legal advice to individuals, unions, and select small businesses and not-for-profits.  Clients can consult with our lawyers from the comfort of their own home, or visit in-person at the Firm’s innovative workspace located in Coquitlam, BC.

Labour Rights Law provides legal advice and representation to all Canadian provinces and territories except Quebec.

Labour Rights Law in the News

April 22, 2023 – Detroit Free Press

Jury awards $96 million to mom whose son and husband died on I-75 while driving to funeral

April 10, 2023 – CTV National News

RCMP faces federal court challenge over dismissed harassment complaint

March 28, 2023 – Global News

B.C. Mountie takes RCMP to court over dismissal of harassment complaint

March 30, 2023 – dailyhive.com

“Get a bottle of Windex”: Female Mountie takes RCMP to court in harassment case


Sean Bailey, BA (UBC), JD (Manitoba)

Sebastien Anderson and Sherry Shir are pleased to welcome Sean Bailey to the Labour Law Team as an Associate Lawyer. Sean was called to the Bar in BC in 2022. Sean graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the UBC in 2004, before graduating with a Juris Doctor from the University of Manitoba in 2020. During law school, he took courses in labour-management relations, employment law, negotiations, and sexual expression in the workplace.  He worked as an Articling Student and an Associate Lawyer at a litigation law firm in Kelowna, BC. Outside of law, Sean enjoys learning languages and reading history and philosophy. He’s also an avid chess player, that assists his skills in plotting litigation strategies.


Our team has appeared in all levels of court in BC and represented clients in courts across Canada. We have a significant amount of experience before a wide variety of tribunals, including labour boards, employment standards tribunals and human rights tribunals.


We take pride in our practical, creative solutions – and in our litigation track record when a more adversarial approach is needed.


We never talk to you in legal jargon. We take the time to explain your options plainly and ensure you’re informed and confident every step of the way. And our technology allows you to consult with us wherever you’d like.

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Jury awards $96 million to mom whose son and husband died on I-75 while driving to funeral

Jury awards $96 million to mom whose son and husband died on I-75 while driving to funeral

Sebastien Anderson provides expert evidence in a record-breaking $96M judgement.

B.C. Mountie takes RCMP to court over dismissal of harassment complaint

B.C. Mountie takes RCMP to court over dismissal of harassment complaint

“New name, new process, same result. There’s been no substantive change.”

Sebastien Anderson of Labour Rights Law puts City of Coquitlam to task for “subverting democracy”

Sebastien Anderson puts City of Coquitlam to task for “subverting democracy”

On June 21, a judge at BC Supreme Court immediately dismissed part of the petition.

Very thoughtful and respectful; understood the nuances of my situation and provided some excellent advice. Anthony was amazing!
RJ • Client

My union approached Sebastien Anderson several years ago to assist us in navigating a difficult and disputed union certification process. He and his team fought very hard for us, gave us good advice along the way, and we won certification. Since then, we have engaged Labour Rights Law to assist us with grievances and other Labour matters. The advice he gave was not always what we wanted to hear but it was always well researched and legally sound. The team at LRL has been great to work. If you need a balanced and competent labour law team behind you, I can’t recommend a better firm than Labour Rights Law.

DH • Client

My story is one of Worksafe woes, I contracted a disease while working which ended up in a very serious hospital stay and lasting health effects which were life changing. Worksafe denied any claim stating there was zero evidence that my workplace was the cause of the injury.

Two years and multiple reviews, with the assistance of my union and a consultant, were getting me nowhere. Worksafe continued to deny any claim or assess fault. Thankfully my union engaged the services of Anthony Moffatt, as noted by other reviewers, Anthony listened, cared and worked extremely hard to assist me. He was able to locate a disease specialist who concluded that not only did I contract the disease through work but I was many times more likely to catch it due to the type of work I was doing and the environment I was doing it in.

Without the extensive work, experience and knowledge of Anthony, I know I would still be sitting without any coverage at all. As it turned out, I was finally approved for coverage after two and half years and after three years was able to return to work without limitations.

Thank you to the Anthony, the staff at Labour Rights Law and my union for helping me finally obtain a positive result and outcome.

PM • Client

It is difficult to select one aspect describing the service that was provided to my wife and I. We were in a situation where we urgently needed to develop and register our will. Initially we contacted Sebastien Anderson to determine if Labour Rights Law could provide the support we required. He quickly assigned Sherry Shir to guide us through the process. Sherry was fantastic! She was exceptionally professional and knowledgeable in helping us to create our will. At the same time Sherry was very personable and understanding of some of the difficult issues we needed to address in creating our will. We now have a very comprehensive yet concise and understandable will. We are very confident now that our wishes will be maintained regardless of what the future holds for us.

We highly recommend Labour Rights Law and Sherry Shir to anyone in need of legal support in challenging situations.

PC • Client

Received fast, friendly and professional service from Anthony Moffatt and Fatemeh Saidi. I highly recommend them.

SR • Client

Working with Labour Rights Law was a very pleasant experience, all the staff there is very kind and professional, quick to respond to messages, very professional and easy to work with. Sherry Shir was my lawyer and she was amazing, curtious, kind, professional, and knows what she is doing. Even though I was dealing with a very unpleasant situation they made it so much easier. They explain everything, they don’t take advantage of your money and they get the job done! I highly recommend Labour Rights Law to anyone needing help with employment issues.

LB • Client

I would like to start this review to say that Labour Rights has changed my life in the best way possible and protected me from a very from grim outlook before coming into contact with their firm.

They have not only protected my long term financial outlook for my family who depend on me after a substantial workplace accident. They have done this placing a strategic plans in place to obtain the best outcome for you.

From the first time I met with the Labour Rights I attended with my wife and union representative. I was exhausted and fatigued of being contacted by different insurance adjusters and in a bad mental state of mind due to the fatigue and stress of the unknown. I had tried my best but was not advised properly and wished that I had gotten their representation earlier.

The owner Sebestian Anderson and new legal “Rockstar” Anthony Moffatt carefully listened to my story and concerns in great depth in their beautiful and calm conference room. I had struggled with lots of anxiety around my situation and put me at ease from the moment we arrived.

It was the first time I felt like someone was actually listening and was a committed as myself. I no longer felt alone in my fight. They took detailed notes and spoke in depth with my wife to get an even deeper understanding. I had finally met my team that was going to lift me up when I was down.

This was my first impression and day after day they have not disappointed. They have delivered and then over delivered. They set their standards high and simplify every move while still listening to how you would like to proceed after a detailed explanation.

They will not jump on the easy out. They will explore every option to make sure it is the right choice. Anthony has continued to impress my with his writing, education, ability to convey my wishes in legalize, and find new ways to make my life easier personally and professionally.

I personally have enjoyed every interaction with Anthony appreciate his empathy, communication, listening skills, and would consider him a friend that has changed my families life. Thank you on so many levels for being exactly what I needed to get through this wild ride.

Please if you are in bad place and your voice is not being heard and want true and effective results hire Labour Rights. Labour rights will hit a grand slam home run for your future. From start to finish they are true professionals.

SC • Client

During the past several years I have had a dispute with the organization I worked for 28+ years. When someone is let go, fired, or constructively dismissed, they are catapulted into a situation that can be highly charged with emotion and from a legal perspective, foreign. I was medically relieved from work after almost three decades of service. After dealing with another law firm I transferred my file to Labour Rights Law Office who exceeded my expectations and surpassed those of other law firms.

Sebastien and Sherry are a team with many years of experience, in many fields within the Labour Law arena, an asset in todays complicated employment environment. They have provided me with outcomes that have provided me and my family much relief. I have referred to them as my gladiators, who take on the ‘big organization’ and get results.

In short, this firm is unlike many large firms in the Vancouver area. It is a corporate model that assists their clients with easy access, successful discussions and outcomes, with a goal of strategic court documents when needed. They quickly reviewed and summarized my file objectives. Pros and Cons were weighed out. I felt in control and fully informed. They helped unravel and move me forward in one of the most difficult times of my life.

Solid 5 star rating!

A special ‘shout out’ to Fatemeh in the front office, a top-notch person who is an absolute pleasure to deal with, always friendly and calming to my nerves.

DO • Client

Awesome team!!!!!! They are amazing, professional, and have great communication. Thank you very much Labour Rights Law. So expertise and professional, genuinely cared about helping me , without them, was not able to get my right. I highly recommend. Special thanks to Sebastian, Sherry and Madeline:)

FS • Client

Should anyone be considering hiring legal representation, I would highly recommend engaging the services of Sebastien Anderson, and Labour Rights Law.
One of our adult children found himself in a situation where he required not only professional legal representation but was also in need of ongoing support and advice during a stressful and difficult period in his life. The issue impacted very heavily on every one of our family members.
Sebastien’s representation provided not just a timely and effective legal resolution to the issue, but he continued to provide measured, calm and sensible directions to allow the entire family to move forward with confidence.
In our case, to say that Sebastien saved our lives is far more than a cliché, and we are so grateful that we had someone of his stature on our side.

RS • Client
This is a very professional and trustworthy firm. The lawyers go above and beyond their call of duty, with the clients best interests. They are also personable and I have had the pleasure of running into many of them at community events. I would highly recommend this firm for any human rights or employment claims!
DA • Client
I won my labour claim with this law firm. The first impression I received was kind, positive, and proactive approach to help, professional, and tidy work. I would strongly recommend this law firm to my friends.
JJ • Client
I won my labour claim with this law firm. The first impression I received was kind, positive, and proactive approach to help, professional, and tidy work. I would strongly recommend this law firm to my friends.
JJ • Client
Great firm. Anthony Moffatt was fantastic; he helped a friend of mine out who was in a bind. Would highly recommend him and the firm!
AH • Client
This is a great law firm full of lawyers that are willing to listen, answer questions and give you an honest opinion. Even if it’s not the one you want to hear. My worksite started using them years ago and we have never looked back.
BG • Client
I got amazing help from Madeline Harden. Very humane approach, very helpful. I felt she cared a lot to help and guide me through the process. A big THANK YOU!
MI • Client
Amazing people who do everything they can to help the community. I’ve been here for both personal matters and for the nonprofit I help out with – they’ve been perfect every time.
BC • Client
Extremely knowledgeable and efficient in resolving my employment issue.
AB • Client
Sebastien is very knowledgeable and a lawyer of integrity.
LP • Client