Fatemeh Saidi

Fatemeh Saidi

Fatemeh Saidi attorney

Superior communication skills is why Fatemeh Saidi excels in service to clients. Within the firm she is the administrative organizational wizard. We are fortunate that she is our linchpin for both clients and lawyers alike. Since 2011, she has been our central communications and organizational front-person for the Firm. As such, her self-confidence, approachable demeanor and her high-level of competence create a warm, straight forward, and helpful communication with clients.

Fatemeh is not an Olympic weightlifter, but when it comes to the law, she is a skilled power-lifter. Despite her heavy workload, she attends to the finest of details, which leaves our clients assured that they can trust and rely upon Labour Rights Law. Fatemeh has over 24 years of experience as a Legal Assistant, and the the quality of her work demonstrates the tremendous pride she takes in doing her job well. If you have interactions with Fatemeh, we know that you will be in good hands. She always uses discretion and sound judgement in handling sensitive and confidential client issues. And she’s never too busy to greet you with a smile!

Since Fatemeh has worked with Sebastien for more than 10 years, she is no stranger to leading edge technology, and has mastered the tools of the trade. Fatemeh is truly a “go-to” person at the Firm, a great resource, and a most valuable member of our team.

Fatemeh is fluent in Farsi and English. Outside of work, Fatemeh enjoys International travel as well as spending time with family, friends, and her canine companion “Ebony.” Her first name is pronounced “Fa-Tea-Ma”.