Collective Bargaining Lawyer in Vancouver

Advocating For Clients Interests in Collective Bargaining Proceedings

One of the most important aspects of labour relations involves collective bargaining. However, the collective bargaining process requires a great deal of skill and guidance from a well-qualified lawyer. Because the entire process can become complicated and must adhere to standards imposed by the Labour Relations Board, it is in clients’ best interests to seek qualified legal representation when approaching collective bargaining.

For these reasons, it can be incredibly challenging for unions and their employers to reach an agreement in collective bargaining. Parties often have to go to the bargaining table to try and work out their differences and come to a mutual decision.

Regardless of the needs of the union members or employers, it is always best to hire a highly trained lawyer with comprehensive experience in representing clients in labour issues. Labour Rights Law of Vancouver has vast experience and can represent clients in all aspects of collective bargaining. Contact our law offices and ask to schedule a consultation to discuss your legal needs.

What is Collective Bargaining?

Collective bargaining is a process that allows unions and the Treasury Board to negotiate employment contracts. The Treasury Board and union negotiate with one another to negotiate an agreement for the bargaining unit.

The employment contracts typically deal with wages, benefits, and vacation time. However, even more importantly, employment contracts provide union members with safeguards that prevent employers from enforcing unreasonable demands such as unwarranted layoffs and establish guidelines concerning overtime, promotions, and job postings.

The union acts as the bargaining agent in negotiations for their employment groups should problems arise, such as disputes, or the time comes to renew contracts.

In contrast, a collective agreement is a contract between the union and employer and is only suitable for a defined period of time. The collective agreement lays out in detail the terms and conditions that were decided upon by the union and the employer.

Labour Rights Law has a proven track record of providing high-quality legal assistance to unions and private sector clients in Vancouver and Western Canada and would be honoured to assist you with your labour needs.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Collective Bargaining Lawyer?

One of the most significant advantages of hiring a collective bargaining lawyer is their in-depth understanding of labour relations and what it takes for organizations to succeed.

Due to the numerous legal issues that manifest themselves during collective bargaining, it is best to have a lawyer with a thorough knowledge of the Canada Labour Code and the Canada Industrial Relations Board procedures.

Unlike other law firms that may need more experience handling labour relations, Labour Rights Law has the skill set to quickly assess your organization’s needs and offer solid legal representation to ensure that your union’s needs and goals are achieved.

Labour Rights Law of Vancouver was one of the first law firms in the area that offered legal services dealing with labour relations and has years of experience handling all aspects of collective bargaining. Over the years, we have built strong relationships with unions and employers and consistently obtained favorable client results.

One of the last things your organization needs to worry about is needing more effective legal counsel when working out details during collective bargaining. Additionally, an experienced lawyer should always review a collective agreement to substantiate its legality and enforceability.

What is Interest Arbitration?

Interest arbitration is a process where arbitration is used rather than negotiations to establish a new or revised collective bargaining agreement.

Interest arbitrations are often used when unions and employers cannot agree on the terms of a contract, and it becomes necessary to use a neutral third-party arbitrator to reach an agreement. Interest arbitration is often utilized in the public sector to decide collective bargaining issues.

In interest arbitrations, the role of the arbitrator includes:

  • Establishing the position of one party or developing a middle ground for both parties.
  • Setting terms for a new or revised collective bargaining agreement.
  • In final offer arbitration, the arbitrator usually only makes decisions that apply to a single issue rather than a large host of concerns.

However, it should be noted that interest arbitration is final and binding on both parties. Additionally, many organizations are reluctant to participate in interest arbitration as there is often no incentive for the other side to compromise.

Before agreeing to participate in interest arbitration proceedings, you must consult a knowledgeable collective bargaining lawyer who can explain the procedures and how the outcome could affect your organization.

Why Should I Hire Labour Rights Law to Assist My Organization With Collective Agreements?

Labour Rights Law is unlike other law firms that focus solely on profits. One aspect that sets us apart from other lawyers is our firm commitment to the Vancouver community and the clients we serve.

Our legal team realizes that strong unions help keep our community moving and have a significant impact on our citizens’ daily lives. For these reasons, we are fully committed to providing organizations with skilled legal advice to help them achieve their goals and adhere to the Canada Labour Code during the collective bargaining process.

Collective bargaining is often challenging, and it is vital that clients understand their legal rights before agreeing to a new or modified collective agreement. As a result, our legal team is fully invested in assisting clients by offering sound legal advice through every step of the collective bargaining process.

Labour Rights Law will assist with negotiations, disputes, and other legal needs to ensure clients feel they have reached an agreement that will benefit their respective organizations. We strive to provide services in a cost-effective manner to ensure that new or existing unions have the financial resources they need to operate efficiently.

If you have questions about the types of collective bargaining services that Labour Rights Law offers clients, contact our law offices at 604-245-3169 and ask to schedule a consultation with a qualified legal team member who can answer your questions.