Labour Law Lawyer in Vancouver

Proactively Fighting For Unions and Their Members

One of the most significant assets workers in British Columbia can have is the protection offered by unions and collective bargaining agreements. Due to the intricacies involved in labour law, it is always best to have adequate legal counsel assisting your organization to ensure maximum protection for your members.

Labour Rights Law of Vancouver is a law firm dedicated to assisting our clients by using innovative legal approaches to obtain results in all aspects of labour law. Our legal team recognizes that labour law issues can vary greatly with each client, and we take a proactive approach to ensure that employees are protected in the workplace.

If you want more information about how we can help you form a union, assist with collective bargaining agreements, or help in other areas of labour law, contact Labour Rights Law of Vancouver, BC, and ask to schedule a consultation to discuss your legal needs.

How Do Unions Protect Workers?

Some of the most significant advantages of belonging to a union are the protections the organization can offer workers. For example, typically, union members earn considerably more per hour than non-unionized workers. Additionally, union members enjoy better benefits and pensions than their non-union counterparts.

One of the most outstanding achievements of unions over time is the assurance of a safer workplace for members. However, if a worker is injured on the job, union formation has made it easier for employees to collect Workers’ Compensation to ease their financial burdens.

Additionally, having a collective bargaining agreement in place also assists union members with being able to resolve their grievances quickly and obtaining favorable results.

If your workplace is not unionized but would like to learn more about how Labour Rights Law can assist you, contact our law office to schedule a consultation. One aspect that sets us apart from other law firms is that we are willing to postpone collecting any legal fees until your new union is up and running and working effectively for its members.

Labour Rights Law is well known in the Vancouver community for its work in helping in the formation of new unions and providing legal representation for existing entities.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Labour Rights Lawyer?

A labour rights lawyer has the skills and training necessary to help create and form new unions as well as provide legal advice for daily aspects of employment. Labour lawyers can also provide legal assistance to help resolve workplace disputes or implement beneficial labour practices.

However, one of the most notable advantages of hiring a labour rights lawyer is the legal advice they provide concerning collective bargaining agreements. A labour lawyer can assist with negotiations, drafting, and applying collective agreements and counter strategies related to labour disputes.

Labour Rights Law can offer clients advice on multiple aspects of labour law, including:

  • Formation of trade unions and certification applications.
  • Union administration and member representation. Legal assistance with enforcing collective agreements through grievance arbitration.
  • Legal representation for union members before professional tribunals.
  • Legal representation for negotiations of provincial and federal collective bargaining agreements.
  • Legal representation in proceedings before the British Columbia Labour Relations Board, Alberta Labour Relations Board, and the Canadian Industrial Relations Board, including unfair labour practice complaints.

If you have questions about how Labour Rights Law of Vancouver can help you form a union or help your existing organization, contact our law office, and ask to schedule a consultation to learn more.

Why is it Essential to Have a Labour Lawyer Assist With Collective Bargaining Agreements?

One of the most crucial aspects of collective bargaining for unions and their members is to ensure they are able to achieve their desired outcome while finding a middle ground with the employer.

Our legal team realizes that both sides want to avoid situations that will cost them time and money. Considering this, our labour law lawyer will work diligently to determine your goals and objectives and draw on their legal experience to help facilitate an agreement that adequately provides for the union member’s needs.

Labour Rights Law is well-versed in multiple aspects of collective bargaining, including the Canada Labour Code and the BC Labour Relations Code. However, if the other side is unwilling to negotiate or agree to any concessions the union offers, our law firm can provide skilled legal representation in mediation or arbitration actions.

If you are entering into collective bargaining or need more information about how a labour lawyer can help protect your union’s legal rights, contact our office to schedule a meeting with our experienced legal representation.

What Makes Your Legal Team the Best Choice to Help With Labour Law Needs?

Labour Rights Law provides the citizens of Vancouver and the surrounding areas with various legal services and platforms designed to increase their awareness of union formation and membership. For example, our law office routinely provides union clients and their stewards with multi-day courses that provide education on labour, workers’ compensation, and human rights.

Another notable aspect of labour law is the ability to inform clients on current or new legislation, court decisions that affect unionization, and advancing government policies.

Our law firm is proud of the service that we can offer to help clients form new unions and build and strengthen current organizations. Unlike other lawyers who often focus on profits, our law office is more concerned with ensuring that all workers’ rights are protected under the law.

If you are considering a new formation or wish to obtain new legal representation for an existing union, contact Labour Rights Law of Vancouver, BC, at 604-245-3169 and ask to schedule a consultation with our highly trained labour lawyer, who can help explore your legal options.