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We provide strategic and timely labour relations advice and representation in every facet of the collective bargaining relationship.

Labour law sets out the rules between employers, unions, and unionized employees (also called “members”).

Employers and unions negotiate contracts that set out the rights of bargaining members in their employment and help protect the members’ rights, work, and working conditions.  These contracts are called “collective agreements.”

There are many benefits of being a unionized employee, including:

  • free representation and help for your work related issues like discipline and workplace safety;
  • a better chance at getting higher rates of pay than non-unionized work; and
  • protection against termination (being “fired” or “let-go”).

Labour Rights Law is one of the leading labour law firms in British Columbia. We help trade union clients, big and small, with our wealth of expertise in all labour relations matters, including:

  • formation of trade unions and certification applications;
  • collective bargaining and negotiations of provincial and federal collective agreements;
  • enforcement of the collective agreement through grievance arbitration;
  • proceedings before the British Columbia Labour Relations Board, Alberta Labour Relations Board, and the Canadian Industrial Relations Board, including unfair labour practice complaints;
  • representing members before professional tribunals;
  • representing members before the Public Service Staff Relations Board;
  • union administration and member representation; and
  • workers compensation.

Labour Rights Law uses every tool at its disposal to resolve matters as early as possible.  We pride ourselves on our innovative and creative approach. Where an early resolution isn’t possible, we fearlessly advocate for our clients to get the most cost-effective and beneficial outcome possible.

In addition to representing trade unions, Labour Rights Law also represent individual union members.  If you’re a member who doesn’t believe your union is representing you fairly, we can help discuss your options as well.

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We work virtually and nationally (with the exception of Quebec) as well as locally at our office in Coquitlam, B.C., whichever best suits your needs.

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