Union Administration and Member Representation in Vancouver

Providing Clients With Sound Legal Advice

BC unions are significant in keeping the economy moving forward for workers and other citizens. However, just as with any other organization, unions or their members often encounter legal issues that require the help of a skilled lawyer.

Because of the complexities involved in union administration or member representation, it is always best to seek advice from a highly trained lawyer with comprehensive experience handling labour issues.

Labour Rights Law of Vancouver is a law firm dedicated to helping unions with legal issues they may encounter as they work to protect members’ rights. Conversely, union members may be at odds with the union over failure to address grievances or other concerns.

Regardless of what your needs may be, contact Labour Rights Law and ask to schedule a consultation with a qualified legal team member who can answer your questions and address your concerns.

How Can a Lawyer Help With Union Administration?

Overseeing a union can be a daunting process. Several aspects must be considered, including collective bargaining, handling grievances from workers, and acting as a liaison between employees and employers, just to name a few.

However, regardless of what issues a union may be dealing with, the organization should always have qualified legal representation. Some of the matters a lawyer can assist a union with include:

  • Labour board applications and certification
  • Internal union matters and investigations
  • Civil litigation
  • Collective bargaining
  • Pension and benefits
  • Workplace policies
  • Human rights
  • Grievance arbitration
  • Interest arbitration

Additionally, if union disputes or grievances with employers reach an impasse, you will need a lawyer to advise you on any legal issues that may quickly arise. All unions need to have safeguards in place that prevent legal issues from quickly getting out of hand.

If you are still trying to determine the benefits of your union having legal representation, contact Labour Rights Law and ask to schedule a meeting with our experienced lawyer, who can provide you with more information.

Why Would a Union Member Need Legal Representation?

Even if an individual is a union member, they may still experience job-related issues that could cause them to need legal representation. Unfortunately, even unions created to protect workers from unfair employment policies are not free discriminatory practices.

If a union member feels they have suffered discrimination or unfair treatment, they should seek qualified legal representation immediately. Just as with employers, a union has a legal obligation not to discriminate against a member based on personal characteristics such as race, colour, gender identity, marital status, or religious or political beliefs, to name a few.

In some instances, if a union’s conduct has had a negative effect on the complainant’s membership, the only solution may be to take legal action to try and remedy the situation.

In other instances, the complainant may disagree with a union decision and need to seek legal help to try and resolve their issues.

Nevertheless, if you are experiencing an issue with your union and are trying to figure out what your legal options may be, contact Labour Right Law of Vancouver and ask to speak with a legal team member who can answer your questions.

What is the Duty of Fair Representation?

A trade union or their representative is legally obligated under their collective bargaining agreement to not act in any manner that is arbitrary, discriminatory, or in bad faith in their representation of employees.

It is essential to understand the terminology involved in the duty of fair representation, which includes:

  • Arbitrary: The union refuses to act on the member’s grievance and does not explain why it was not pursued.
  • Discriminatory: The union refuses to pursue the grievance based on one of the member’s personal characteristics, such as race, colour, gender, etc.
  • Bad faith: The union fails to respond to the grievance simply because they do not like the member.

Therefore, unions are prohibited from treating their members in such a way that conflicts with their duty of fair representation when negotiating grievances or complaints that may be brought against the employer.

However, if the union member feels the union has failed in their duty of fair representation as the collective agreement applies to them, they may file a complaint. However, there are specific rules that must apply to the situation, which include:

  • The employer must be a federally regulated business.
  • There must be a collective agreement established that defines terms and conditions for employees.
  • The union’s actions must meet the legal criteria to be considered arbitrary, discriminatory, or in bad faith.

If you feel your union needs to do more in its duty of fair representation, contact Labour Rights Law and ask to schedule an appointment to speak with our experienced labour lawyer, who can advise you of your legal options.

What Makes Labour Rights Law the First Choice For Union’s Legal Needs?

One of the greatest assets for individuals in the workplace can be union membership. However, in today’s world, legal issues often arise that require the assistance of a law firm that knows how to get results for clients.

Our highly trained legal staff have comprehensive experience in all areas of union administration under the Canada Labour Code, including reviewing legal documents and collective agreements and handling disputes and grievances.

Conversely, suppose the union has failed in its obligation of fair representation. In that case, you must speak with a lawyer to determine what legal remedies may be available to help resolve the situation.

Labour Rights Law has extensive experience in union administration and member representation. One aspect that sets us apart from other law firms is that we take the time to thoroughly investigate all matters to determine what legal strategies may be appropriate for the situation.

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