Civil Litigation

“Civil litigation” is a term used to describe how individuals get compensation in the courts from people who have wronged them. Civil litigation involves matters that are not criminal.  These “civil” wrongs usually involve breaking a contract, or committing a “tort” (which is a legal term for a civil wrong that isn’t breaking a contract).

Labour Rights Law has significant experience in civil litigation representing plaintiffs (those who make a claim against someone else), defendants (those who are defending against claims made against them), and third-parties (those who are sued by defendants in the defendant’s case).

Most of Labour Rights Law’s cases in court have been employment law cases.  Employment law cases usually deal with issues like termination of employment, breaches of non-compete or confidentiality agreements, recovery of debts, and a failure to pay disability benefits.

Labour Rights Law has represented clients in civil litigation matters in Provincial Court (Small Claims) in both BC and Alberta, in the BC Supreme Court, Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench, Ontario Superior Court, and the Court of Appeal in both Alberta and BC.

Litigation is very complex.  Labour Rights Law helps its clients at every step of the civil litigation process -from making a civil claim or response, record production, preparation for examination for discovery (called “deposition” in the US), and representation at and after trial.  Labour Rights Law takes pride in explaining every step for our clients, telling them exactly what they can expect, and planning strategy – including exploring creative settlement options – so that our clients can maximize their return for as little expense as possible.

If you have a legal issue and you’re thinking of going to court, we strongly recommend that you do not represent yourself. You do not know what you do not know, and people with lawyers have a much better chance to win their case, or get a good settlement, than people who don’t have lawyers.  For example, Labour Rights Law has a 100% success rate in representing our client’s interests against self-represented clients.

Let Labour Rights Law help you on your path to victory!  We look forward to the honour of you asking us to advocate on your behalf.

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