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Civil litigation is a process that resolves disputes between two or more parties. Typically, individuals who bring civil claims are seeking some type of resolution that involves financial compensation or a contractual remedy.

Many civil litigation cases deal with employment law, property disputes, contract disputes, or personal injury claims. Over the years, Labour Rights Law has dealt primarily with employment law cases. Our legal team has provided solid legal representation for plaintiffs, defendants, and third parties who may also be named in civil cases.

One of the first steps is determining if you have valid grounds to file a civil claim. Additionally, British Columbia has strict time limits for how long you may have to file a claim. Failing to file a claim within the set time limits may result in your case being thrown out with no further legal recourse.

If you want more information about pursuing a civil litigation claim, contact Labour Rights Law of Vancouver, BC, and ask to schedule a consultation with our experienced lawyer.

What is the Civil Litigation Process?

All civil disputes in British Columbia follow the same legal process. The first step involves both parties presenting their civil case through statements of claim and statements of defense, also referred to as pleadings. The next step is called the discovery phase, in which each party gathers and shares all evidence with the other party. After the discovery stage comes mediation and settlement, where the parties participate in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to resolve their legal disputes. ADR includes mediation and arbitration.

If the opposing parties cannot reach a mutual agreement, the case will proceed to the trial phase of civil litigation. Each party will present arguments in court proceedings, after which the judge will issue their decision. However, either party has the right to file an appeal if they disagree with the court’s decision.

If the civil claim is less than $5,000, the case is usually resolved by the Civil Resolution Tribunal. However, typically, in cases that are heard before the Civil Resolution Tribunal, neither party is allowed to have lawyers assist them.

The British Columbia small claims court hears cases where the claims are between $5,001 and $35,000 and higher are argued before the Supreme Court, where each party is entitled to have civil litigation lawyers assist them in court proceedings.

What Types of Cases Does a Civil Litigation Lawyer Handle?

Civil litigation lawyers in Vancouver are qualified to handle various legal disputes. However, several civil claims come before the court:

  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Real estate litigation
  • Labour law
  • Human rights violations
  • General claims damages
  • Debt collection

Although there are many types of civil claims, employment claims such as breach of contract, workers’ comp disputes, or workplace harassment and discrimination are some of the most common.

Labour Rights Law of Vancouver is a firm dedicated to helping individuals solve their legal issues. Our civil litigator has extensive experience helping clients in all aspects of civil litigation, including alternative dispute resolution (ADR), where we can provide legal representation in mediation or arbitration proceedings. We can also send demand letters requiring that the other party adhere to their legal obligations or take steps to fix the problem. Finally, we also defend clients who are facing civil claims.

If you need help with a legal issue, contact our law office to schedule a consultation to discuss your case and potential options.

Why Should I Hire a Civil Litigation Lawyer to Help Me With My Legal Dispute?

Many individuals unfamiliar with the civil litigation process initially try to handle their cases independently. However, other than having a case heard before the Civil Resolution Tribunal, where individuals are not allowed to have legal counsel, it is always in a person’s best interests to hire an experienced civil litigation lawyer who can provide sound legal advice.

Civil litigation lawyers have the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the complex legal matters that accompany disputes. Civil claims can involve a variety of issues that require extensive legal training. One of the last things you want to do is appear in small claims court or before the Supreme Court without proper legal representation. You can be sure that in most instances, the other party will have opposing counsel providing them with skilled legal representation.

If you are still trying to determine whether or not you need a civil litigator to assist you with your legal matters, contact our law offices of Labour Rights Law to schedule a meeting with a qualified legal team member who can address your concerns. Individuals who choose to seek legal representation typically fare better than those who opt to try and deal with legal issues independently.

What Makes Your Law Firm the Right Choice For My Civil Case?

Labour Rights Law has been able to help many clients with their civil claims. Our legal team takes pride in helping individuals resolve their claims through various methods. In many instances, we can negotiate with opposing counsel to resolve legal disputes quickly.

However, in some cases, legal matters cannot be resolved through alternative dispute resolutions and instead, end up in court proceedings as a civil lawsuit. Civil claim issues are notorious for their challenging nature due to the unique circumstances involved in each case.

When you choose Labour Rights Law for your legal needs, our professional staff will stay committed to your case from the initial investigation until the issue is resolved. We understand how frustrating civil claims are for clients, and we will do everything possible to help you obtain a favorable outcome.

Labour Rights Law proudly serves the citizens of Vancouver and the surrounding areas and would be honoured to assist you with your legal needs. Contact our law offices at 604-245-3169 and ask to schedule a consultation with a qualified legal team member who can answer your questions and determine your available legal options.