RCMP Class Action re Breach of Privacy

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RCMP’s Unlawful Disclosure of RCMP Members’ Health Records

As you may know, we recently commenced legal proceedings under the BC Class Action Proceedings Act with respect to the RCMP’s breach of the federal Privacy Act concerning the RCMP’s unlawful disclosure of confidential health records of a number of RCMP Members. A copy of the Notice of Civil Claim is available on the RCMP Class Action page (see the menu above).

As of 5 November 2015, service of the Notice of Civil Claim has been completed with respect to the following Defendants:

Attorney General of Canada; BC Attorney General and Minister of Justice; Roland Bowman;

Craig Callens; Paul Darbyshire; Bard Hartl;

Daniel Dubeau; Ray Bernoties; Judy Lepage;

Bob Paulson; and Maxine Schwartz.

We are in the process of attempting to serve the remaining Defendant.

We continue to receive Intake Forms from other Members claiming to be similarly affected from across Canada. We will commence reviewing and investigating the Intake Forms that we have received within the next week. If you have reason to believe that the RCMP has disclosed your medical records to a third-party without your knowledge or consent, please complete the RCMP Class Action Intake Form (there is no cost to you for completing and submitting the Intake Form).

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