Jury awards $96 million to mom whose son and husband died on I-75 while driving to funeral

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Labour Rights Law is pleased to announce that our founding partner, Sebastien Anderson, was retained to provide expert evidence by the Plaintiff’s U.S. law firm in this record-breaking $96M judgement in a wrongful death suit in Detroit, Michigan. The Defendant, a Canadian trucking company in the business of interprovincial and international transportation, claimed that under Canadian law it was unlawful to question the Semi-Truck driver about his Parkinson’s disease and pharmaceutical treatment thereof. Sebastien provided evidence that, while employees have a special privacy interest in the confidentiality of their medical information, such a right is not absolute and must be balanced against the Employer’s legitimate business interests. Sebastien provided evidence that it is not contrary to Canadian Human Rights or Privacy law to make bona fide inquiries into an employee’s medical conditions that place at risk the life and wellbeing of the driver himself, other motorists or the general public.

Jury-awards-96-million-to-mom-whose-family-died-en-route-to-funeralOriginally posted in Detroit Free Press.

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