Workers compensation claims can be high stakes

Workers generally can’t sue employers for injuries at work.  Instead, workers can claim no-fault workers compensation benefits, funded by employers, to compensate them for workplace injuries.

Workers compensation insurance provides workers with healthcare benefits, wage-loss benefits, and permanent disability benefits. Many other benefits, such as re-training for jobs and allowances, are available as well.

Workers compensation benefits, especially permanent disability benefits, can be significant and even life-changing for workers who are seriously injured.



Labour Rights Law helps you through the workers compensation process.

The workers compensation system can be frustrating and confusing. Workers often don’t understand why they’ve been denied benefits or didn’t get more. Workers can, and do, miss out on benefits they weren’t even considered for in the first place.

Without legal help, workers can become overwhelmed.

Labour Rights Law understands the workers compensation process inside and out. One of our partners, Anthony Moffatt, helped advise the Board of Directors at WorkSafeBC on policy and regulation matters before advocating for our clients here at Labour Rights Law.

Anthony and our team at Labour Rights Law can explain exactly what’s happening on your claim, tell you which decisions may be worth appealing and why, and work directly with your case manager on your behalf.

Labour Rights Law works hard to ensure you get the benefits you’re entitled to.

Our top priority for our workers compensation clients is that they get every dollar and benefit to which they’re entitled under law and policy. We have a proven track record of success when we appeal decisions in British Columbia and Alberta.

 Legal services for workers compensation claims and appeals include:

  • Making a claim, including “mental disorder” claims

  • Advising clients on ongoing claims and benefits, including vocational rehabilitation and permanent disability benefits

  • Applying for allowances

  • Advising on appeals (in BC, to the Review Division of WorkSafeBC and the Workers Compensation Appeal Tribunal or “WCAT”)

  • Retaining medical professionals for expert opinions to assist in claims and appeals

  • Representation at workers compensation Boards and appeal tribunals

My story is one of Worksafe woes, I contracted a disease while working which ended up in a very serious hospital stay and lasting health effects which were life changing. Worksafe denied any claim stating there was zero evidence that my workplace was the cause of the injury.

Two years and multiple reviews, with the assistance of my union and a consultant, were getting me nowhere. Worksafe continued to deny any claim or assess fault. Thankfully my union engaged the services of Anthony Moffatt, as noted by other reviewers, Anthony listened, cared and worked extremely hard to assist me. He was able to locate a disease specialist who concluded that not only did I contract the disease through work but I was many times more likely to catch it due to the type of work I was doing and the environment I was doing it in.

Without the extensive work, experience and knowledge of Anthony, I know I would still be sitting without any coverage at all. As it turned out, I was finally approved for coverage after two and half years and after three years was able to return to work without limitations.

Thank you to the Anthony, the staff at Labour Rights Law and my union for helping me finally obtain a positive result and outcome.

Paul M • Client
I would like to start this review to say that Labour Rights has changed my life in the best way possible and protected me from a very from grim outlook before coming into contact with their firm.

They have not only protected my long term financial outlook for my family who depend on me after a substantial workplace accident. They have done this placing a strategic plans in place to obtain the best outcome for you.

From the first time I met with the Labour Rights I attended with my wife and union representative. I was exhausted and fatigued of being contacted by different insurance adjusters and in a bad mental state of mind due to the fatigue and stress of the unknown. I had tried my best but was not advised properly and wished that I had gotten their representation earlier.

The owner Sebestian Anderson and new legal “Rockstar” Anthony Moffatt carefully listened to my story and concerns in great depth in their beautiful and calm conference room. I had struggled with lots of anxiety around my situation and put me at ease from the moment we arrived.

It was the first time I felt like someone was actually listening and was a committed as myself. I no longer felt alone in my fight. They took detailed notes and spoke in depth with my wife to get an even deeper understanding. I had finally met my team that was going to lift me up when I was down.

This was my first impression and day after day they have not disappointed. They have delivered and then over delivered. They set their standards high and simplify every move while still listening to how you would like to proceed after a detailed explanation.

They will not jump on the easy out. They will explore every option to make sure it is the right choice. Anthony has continued to impress my with his writing, education, ability to convey my wishes in legalize, and find new ways to make my life easier personally and professionally.

I personally have enjoyed every interaction with Anthony appreciate his empathy, communication, listening skills, and would consider him a friend that has changed my families life. Thank you on so many levels for being exactly what I needed to get through this wild ride.

Please if you are in bad place and your voice is not being heard and want true and effective results hire Labour Rights. Labour rights will hit a grand slam home run for your future. From start to finish they are true professionals.

Steve C • Client

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