Workers’ compensation claims can be high stakes

Workers generally can’t sue employers for injuries at work.  Instead, workers can claim no-fault workers compensation benefits, funded by employers, to compensate them for workplace injuries.

Workers’ compensation insurance provides workers with healthcare benefits, wage-loss benefits, and permanent disability benefits. Many other benefits, such as re-training for jobs and allowances, are available as well.

Workers’ compensation benefits, especially permanent disability benefits, can be significant and even life-changing for workers who are seriously injured.

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Labour Rights Law helps you through the workers compensation process.

The workers’ compensation system can be frustrating and confusing. Workers often don’t understand why they’ve been denied benefits, or didn’t get more. They can miss out on benefits they weren’t even considered for in the first place.

Without legal help, workers can become overwhelmed.

Labour Rights Law understands the workers’ compensation process inside and out. One of our lawyers, Anthony Moffatt, helped advise the Board of Directors at WorkSafeBC on policy and regulation matters before advocating for our clients here at Labour Rights Law.

Anthony and our team at Labour Rights Law can explain exactly what’s happening on your claim, tell you which decisions may be worth appealing and why, and work directly with your case manager on your behalf.

Labour Rights Law works hard to ensure you get the benefits you’re entitled to.

Our top priority for our workers compensation clients is that they get every dollar and benefit they are entitled to under law and policy. We have a proven track record of success when we appeal decisions in BC and Alberta.

 Legal services for workers’ compensation claims and appeals include:

  • Making a claim, including “mental disorder” claims

  • Advising clients on ongoing claims and benefits, including vocational rehabilitation and permanent disability benefits

  • Applying for allowances

  • Advising on appeals (in BC, to the Review Division of WorkSafeBC and the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal or “WCAT”)

  • Retaining medical professionals for expert opinions to assist in claims and appeals

  • Representation at workers’ compensation Boards and appeal tribunals

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We work virtually and nationally (with the exception of Quebec) as well as locally at our office in Coquitlam, B.C., whichever best suits your needs.

We are up for your challenge.

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