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Choosing an Employment Lawyer

Employees and employers alike sometimes require the services of an employment lawyer.  Whether you are negotiating an employment contract, dealing with the difficult circumstances around a possible wrongful dismissal, or even managing the nuances of a human rights complaint, employment lawyers offer a breadth of expertise that may effectively serve employees as well as employers.  [...]

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Dismissal Without Cause in BC

As an employee in British Columbia (BC), it is important to know your rights.  While there are very few protections from dismissal without cause in BC, there are still several entitlements that ensure employers are at least somewhat considerate in their decisions to terminate employment.  Unless you have a specific employment contract, the BC Employment [...]

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How Much is a Severance Package?

What is Severance Pay? Learn About Severance Pay Make no mistake, in British Columbia (BC) employees have few rights when it comes to dismissal from employment and associated severance pay or packages.  Unless you have negotiated terms of dismissal and severance in a unique employment contract or you are a union member, the terms of [...]