The Law Behind “I Quit” (Video) Link to read article: The law behind “I quit” Transcript: Do I have to give notice to my employer before I quit? In British Columbia, there’s nothing in the Employment Standards Act that says you have to give your employer notice before you quit. But that’s not the end of the story. You may have [...]

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The law behind “I quit”

There’s more to leaving a job than saying “I quit” and packing your stuff into a cardboard box. Before resigning from your employment, you should consult a lawyer to determine what your legal rights and obligations are - and what rights or compensation you might be giving up by leaving. Do I have to [...]

Duty To Mitigate (Video)   Transcript: If you’re fired, and you’re thinking of suing, there is something you have to do. And if you don’t do this, the court can reduce your monetary damages or reduce the amount to which you are entitled. So, what is it that you have to do? You have what’s called “the duty [...]

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What is the “duty to mitigate?”

What is the “duty to mitigate?” If you’re fired, and you’re thinking of suing, you have a legal obligation to look for a new job You’ve just been wrongfully terminated from your employment. While you may be experiencing a whole host of emotions right now, you need to be aware that you have a duty [...]

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Can my employer lay me off?

Can my employer lay me off? If you are in a union, this question depends on the language of your collective agreement and we recommend that you contact your union representative. If you are not in a union, the Employment Standards Act only permits temporary layoffs in very limited circumstances. Economic Downturn & Temporary Layoffs [...]

What is “just cause” dismissal?

“Just cause” dismissal means a dismissal where the employer had cause to terminate the employment of an employee. Why might it be important for an employer to claim that a dismissal was with cause? In a “without cause” dismissal, the employer will usually have an obligation to provide notice, pay in lieu of notice, or [...]

Have I been constructively dismissed?

Have I been constructively dismissed? In a previous blog, we discussed what options an employee has available to them if they are being harassed and bullied at work. One of the options we outlined there was for the employee to resign from their employment on the basis that they have been constructively dismissed. What does it [...]

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Employment Law 101: What you need to know if you’ve been fired or laid off

Employment law 101 - Fired. Laid off. Terminated.            Whatever you call it, losing your job can be devastating.  Your job often isn’t only how you make a living, but a big part of who you are. So, if you’ve been fired, what do you do? You should talk to a lawyer before you agree to anything. [...]

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Choosing an Employment Lawyer

Employees and employers alike sometimes require the services of an employment lawyer.  Whether you are negotiating an employment contract, dealing with the difficult circumstances around a possible wrongful dismissal, or even managing the nuances of a human rights complaint, employment lawyers offer a breadth of expertise that may effectively serve employees as well as employers.  [...]

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Dismissal Without Cause in BC

As an employee in British Columbia (BC), it is important to know your rights.  While there are very few protections from dismissal without cause in BC, there are still several entitlements that ensure employers are at least somewhat considerate in their decisions to terminate employment.  Unless you have a specific employment contract, the BC Employment [...]

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