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Articles and resources concerning workers compensation and how it pertains to those seeking employment law advice. The content of these articles, and this website generally, is not intended as legal advice and cannot be relied upon as legal advice.

Appealing your WorkSafeBC claim: Levels of Appeal

If you get a WorkSafeBC decision about your claim that you disagree with, you can appeal it to try to get that decision changed. You get more than one chance to appeal your decision. Every time you appeal the decision, though, you have to go to a different group of decision-makers or “level” in the [...]

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Three-part Series: Appeal Decisions on your WCB Claim

There are two levels of appeal, but mind the time limits! Always carefully read the decisions your case manager makes and that you make an informed decision to appeal your WCB claim before the deadline. We conclude our three-part series with appealing decisions on your WCB claim. In this blog, we also cover the importance [...]

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Three-part Series: Four Useful Tips for Managing your WCB Claim

Part two of our three-part series is about providing you with helpful tips on managing your WCB claim. Below, we introduce four tips that will help you make the most out of your case manager. If your claim is accepted, you’ll be assigned a person who will make most of the decisions about your compensation.  [...]

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Three-part Series: Help! I need advice on my WorkSafeBC claim!

If you’ve been injured at work in BC, WorkSafeBC benefits can help. If you’re in BC and you get hurt or get sick at work, you generally can’t sue your employer.  Instead, you can claim benefits from workers compensation. There are a lot of benefits that workers can qualify for.  Things like healthcare benefits so [...]

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Workers’ Compensation Board (“WCB”) benefits available to injured workers

When employees are injured at work, they generally can’t sue employers.  Instead, they can claim workers compensation benefits from the workers compensation board in their province or territory.  In BC, the workers’ compensation board is called WorkSafeBC. This article explains some of the most important benefits you can qualify for at WorkSafeBC. Many of [...]

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5 Tips for Making a WCB Claim

1) Report your injury to your employer, and your workers compensation board (“the Board”) When you’re injured at work, report the injury to your employer as soon as you can. The employer has the responsibility of providing you with first aid if necessary. You should also report your injury to your employer because it’s the [...]

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Can I Refuse Unsafe Work?

Yes, a worker has the right to refuse unsafe work. If a worker has reasonable cause to believe that carrying out a task or job will cause imminent harm or undue hazard to the health and safety of themselves and the people around them, they have the right to refuse to carry out the task [...]

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I have been injured at work

Workplace injuries can be devastating. What should you do if you’ve been injured at work? Most people hurt at work can't sue in the courts. If you’re in an employment relationship, or you’re an independent business person who carries self-paid insurance premiums with your provincial workers compensation board (called “personal optional protection” or “POP” in [...]

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