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What do I do if I’ve been fired for cause?

If you are not a union member, your employer can terminate your employment at any time either for a justifiable reason (“cause”) without advance notice or, depending on the terms of your employment contract, by providing you sufficient advance notice (“reasonable notice”) or pay in lieu of reasonable notice that your employment is going to [...]

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Top six things to do if you’ve been fired or laid off

Top six things to do if you’ve been fired or laid off In this blog article, we review six things you should do, from a legal perspective, if you’ve been fired or laid off. 1)       Don’t sign anything before you talk to a lawyer, but get what you’re owed under employment standards legislation! Before you sign [...]

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Top five myths about employment law

Top five myths about employment law At Labour Rights Law, all we do is employment, labour, and human rights law.  Since we opened our doors in 2013, we’ve helped hundreds of employees and small businesses negotiate tough workplace issues in Coquitlam and the Tri-Cities area, across BC, and the rest of Canada. Here are some [...]

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Appealing your WorkSafeBC claim: Levels of Appeal

If you get a WorkSafeBC decision about your claim that you disagree with, you can appeal it to try to get that decision changed. You get more than one chance to appeal your decision. Every time you appeal the decision, though, you have to go to a different group of decision-makers or “level” in the [...]

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Union and Collective Agreement: The Best “Insurance Policy” Against Wrongful Dismissal

In non-unionized employment, an employer has the unilateral authority to terminate an employee’s employment for “cause” or for no cause at all! If no cause exists, the employer may terminate the employment relationship by providing “reasonable notice” or pay in lieu thereof that may be as little as the minimum termination pay under employment standards [...]

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Three-part Series: Appeal Decisions on your WCB Claim

There are two levels of appeal, but mind the time limits! Always carefully read the decisions your case manager makes and that you make an informed decision to appeal your WCB claim before the deadline. We conclude our three-part series with appealing decisions on your WCB claim. In this blog, we also cover the importance [...]

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Three-part Series: Four Useful Tips for Managing your WCB Claim

Part two of our three-part series is about providing you with helpful tips on managing your WCB claim. Below, we introduce four tips that will help you make the most out of your case manager. If your claim is accepted, you’ll be assigned a person who will make most of the decisions about your compensation.  [...]

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Three-part Series: Help! I need advice on my WorkSafeBC claim!

If you’ve been injured at work in BC, WorkSafeBC benefits can help. If you’re in BC and you get hurt or get sick at work, you generally can’t sue your employer.  Instead, you can claim benefits from workers compensation. There are a lot of benefits that workers can qualify for.  Things like healthcare benefits so [...]

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5 Tips for Making a WCB Claim

1) Report your injury to your employer, and your workers compensation board (“the Board”) When you’re injured at work, report the injury to your employer as soon as you can. The employer has the responsibility of providing you with first aid if necessary. You should also report your injury to your employer because it’s the [...]

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Paid leave for Covid-19 vaccine eligible to BC workers (video) Also read: Can I get fired for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine? Transcript: In March 2020, the BC Government amended the Employment Standards Act to allow employees to take job-protected COVID-19 related leave. I’m Rebecca Jackson, a lawyer at Labour Rights Law Office. In this video, I talk about the BC Government’s recent amendment to [...]

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