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What Is the Canadian Human Rights Act?

Passed in 1977 by the Parliament of Canada, the Canadian Human Rights Act is a piece of legislation that outlines legal protections for all citizens of Canada.  The goal of the act is to protect Canadians from discrimination based on membership to unique or marginalized groups.  The Canadian Human Rights Act protects individuals from discrimination [...]

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Dismissal Without Cause in BC

As an employee in British Columbia (BC), it is important to know your rights.  While there are very few protections from dismissal without cause in BC, there are still several entitlements that ensure employers are at least somewhat considerate in their decisions to terminate employment.  Unless you have a specific employment contract, the BC Employment [...]

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How Much Will it Cost to Hire a Labour Lawyer?

How Much Will it Cost to Hire a Labour Lawyer? Legal fees can be shocking, to say the least.  One of the biggest complaints clients of lawyers have is that they didn’t know what to expect when it comes to their lawyer’s fees.  Even though fees are set out in advance of establishing a lawyer-client [...]

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The RCMP at the Point of No Return

By Darryl T Davies The RCMP at the Point of No Return - The colossal understatement of the year has to be that from Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale.  In a recent interview when he was asked about the idea of civilian oversight for the RCMP he commented “It would be a massive change in [...]

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Sebastien Anderson – Finance Monthly 2016 Global Awards Winner

Sebastien Anderson - Finance Monthly 2016 Global Awards Winner   Sebastien Anderson - Every year Finance Monthly Global Awards celebrate the success of financial organizations and advisors worldwide who have performed in the highest level possible. When tasked with identifying the most successful organizations and advisors from around the globe in order to produce this [...]

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What is Collective Bargaining?

Simply put, collective bargaining refers to the negotiation of salary, benefits, and conditions of employment by a body or group of employees.  People are most often familiar with the term “labour union” or just “union” as the common name for a body of employees that enters into collective bargaining.  As a specialized field of negotiation, [...]

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Image-Duty, Service, Sacrifice

On Saturday, 26 June 2017, Sebastien Anderson was humbly honoured to receive from Cst. Leo Johnston’s parents a limited edition print, “Duty, Service and Sacrifice” in appreciation of the pro bono legal assistance he provided to them. The back of the framed print is inscribed in Leo Johnston’s mother’s handwriting as follows: “Thank you for [...]

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Employment Group Benefits

As an employer, you might be asking yourself about the pros and cons of employment group benefits.  Employer-sponsored benefit plans cover everything from drug and dental coverage to life insurance.  Job seekers are drawn to positions that offer group benefits, especially when it comes to extended health coverage that provides more insurance than offered through [...]

RCMP rehires Mountie who developed PTSD after Mayerthorpe shootings

Mayerthorpe shootings - The RCMP has been forced to reinstate a Mountie who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder after the deadly 2005 standoff in Mayerthorpe, Alta., his lawyer told The Globe and Mail. Trevor Josok, who launched a legal challenge after being medically discharged last year, will be allowed to return to a position that [...]

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