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Articles and resources concerning loss of a job as it pertains to those seeking employment law advice. The content of these articles, and this website generally, is not intended as legal advice and cannot be relied upon as legal advice.

Fired? Laid off? Don’t miss out on a cash settlement because you’re afraid of legal costs

If your employer has fired you or laid you off or is breaking the employment contract, don’t let the fear of legal fees stop you from seeing a lawyer! In our experience, 95% of wrongful dismissal matters are settled with the employee receiving a cash settlement during negotiations after a demand letter from a lawyer [...]

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My employer just fired me for raising a safety issue at work. What can I do?

In BC, the Workers Compensation Act protects workers from employers and unions retaliating against them for exercising their rights under health and safety laws. If this happens, workers can get compensation, or even get their jobs back, by filing a “prohibited action” complaint at WorkSafeBC. Last month, I was invited to speak at a Continuing [...]

Duty of Honest Performance in Contract Law

In December 2020, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) expanded the duty of honest performance in contract law in its decision of CM Callow Inc v Zollinger. Facts of the case This case involved two parties, a group of condominium companies (Baycrest) and a maintenance company (Callow), who entered into a two year contract regarding [...]

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What do I do if I’ve been fired or laid off?

What do I do if I’ve been fired or laid off? Have you just lost your job and are wondering what to do next?  The steps you take right after you’ve lost your job can have a huge impact on the severance or settlement you wind up getting. In this blog, we go over exactly [...]

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Recalled or Rehired? – Returning to Work After Covid-19 Layoffs

What are the differences between being "recalled" and "rehired" when returning to work after Covid-19 layoffs? As government restrictions on workplaces are becoming more relaxed, businesses that have laid off their workers due to the pandemic can now begin rebuilding their teams. However, employees who are hired back should be aware of the legalities surrounding their [...]

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Can “Frustration of Contract” be Used to End My Employment Without Notice or Severance?

Does the "frustration of contract" doctrine allow employers the right to end employment without giving notice or severance amid a global pandemic? As the pandemic continues to adversely affect business operations, there are several important considerations for both employees and employers, especially when the pandemic continues to threaten operations for the unforeseeable future. One of [...]

Guide to Extend Temporary Layoffs

Have you been laid-off past the maximum temporary layoff period? Understand what options are available to you and how you and your employer can apply together for "variance" to extend temporary layoffs. On August 31st, the BC government published an update on its website stating that employers and employees are now able to apply to [...]

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What is the “duty to mitigate?”

What is the “duty to mitigate?” If you’re fired, and you’re thinking of suing, you have a legal obligation to look for a new job You’ve just been wrongfully terminated from your employment. While you may be experiencing a whole host of emotions right now, you need to be aware that you have a duty [...]

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Can my employer lay me off?

Can my employer lay me off? If you are in a union, this question depends on the language of your collective agreement and we recommend that you contact your union representative. If you are not in a union, the Employment Standards Act only permits temporary layoffs in very limited circumstances. Economic Downturn & Temporary Layoffs [...]

Breaking news: Job-protection and COVID-19 leave of absence from work for BC workers

Job-protection and COVID-19 for BC Workers On 23 March 2020, the BC Government amended the BC Employment Standards Act (“ESA”) to provide job-protection to employees who are unable to work for reasons related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This applies to all employees in BC who are not within Federal sector employment who are ill or [...]

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