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Articles and resources concerning labour relations as it pertains to those seeking employment law advice. The content of these articles, and this website generally, is not intended as legal advice and cannot be relied upon as legal advice.

Role of a Union Representative

A union representative’s role in many situations will depend on the language of the collective agreement. That said, employees will always have the right to get advice from the union about their rights and be represented by the union in the grievance process.   Why is the union representative important? A union representative or shop [...]

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Looking to unionize your workplace in BC? It just got easier!

Employees north and south of the Canadian border are making news by unionizing their workplaces. Amazon and Starbucks are just two examples of powerful, multinational corporate employers now facing a more level playing field when negotiating the wages and working conditions of many of their workers. Workers who are unionized have better wages, working conditions, [...]

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Union and Collective Agreement: The Best “Insurance Policy” Against Wrongful Dismissal

In non-unionized employment, an employer has the unilateral authority to terminate an employee’s employment for “cause” or for no cause at all! If no cause exists, the employer may terminate the employment relationship by providing “reasonable notice” or pay in lieu thereof that may be as little as the minimum termination pay under employment standards [...]

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What Every Union Member Needs to Know: Part 2 (Video) Also read: 5 Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs to Unionize Transcript for "What Every Union Member Needs to Know: Part 2" Why are grievances important? Grievances are important because, depending on the type of concern the employee may have, it may be the only mechanism available to the employee for remedying their concern. For [...]

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What Every Union Member Needs to Know: Part 1 (Video) Also read: 5 Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs to Unionize What Every Union Member Needs to Know, part 1 Transcript: What is a collective agreement? A collective agreement is essentially a contract that is negotiated by unions and employers that contains the terms and conditions of employment for a group of employees. The Collective [...]

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5 Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs to Unionize

Why Your Workplace Needs to Unionize In a non-unionized workplace, the terms and conditions of the employee’s employment are governed through oral or written employment contract between the employee and the employer, and employment standards legislation. In a unionized workplace, however, a trade union that has been chosen by the majority of the employees will [...]

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Introduction to Labour Relations Process

The labour relations process that produces a union-management relationship consists of three phases: union organizing, negotiating a collective agreement, and administering or enforcing the collective agreement. Phase One of Labour Relations Process: Union Organizing In phase one of the labour relations process, a non-union employer becomes unionized through an organizing campaign. The campaign starts either [...]

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What is Collective Bargaining?

Simply put, collective bargaining refers to the negotiation of salary, benefits, and conditions of employment by a body or group of employees.  People are most often familiar with the term “labour union” or just “union” as the common name for a body of employees that enters into collective bargaining.  As a specialized field of negotiation, [...]

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Employment Group Benefits

As an employer, you might be asking yourself about the pros and cons of employment group benefits.  Employer-sponsored benefit plans cover everything from drug and dental coverage to life insurance.  Job seekers are drawn to positions that offer group benefits, especially when it comes to extended health coverage that provides more insurance than offered through [...]

Harmac employees purchase mill

Preserving union jobs in BC pulp mill [ezcol_1half] In 2008, Sebastien Anderson successfully represented Local 8 of the Pulp, Paper & Woodworkers, and its members along with other excluded and managerial personnel in the BC Supreme Court in the employees' bid to purchase the mill out of bankruptcy. Chief Justice Brenner was persuaded by Sebastien's [...]

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