BC Implements Mandatory Vaccine Policies for Healthcare Workers

Recently, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the BC Government has implemented mandatory vaccine policies for healthcare workers. The Order of the Provincial Health Officer is titled, “COVID-19 Vaccination Status Information and Preventive Measures Order” and may be found here. This article aims to clarify healthcare workers’ questions about how these policies affect their legal [...]

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Prohibited Practices Complaint Win for Labour Law Associates

Labour Rights Law associate lawyers Madeline Harden and Rebecca Jackson successfully prosecuted a “prohibited practices” complaint before WorkSafeBC (“WorkSafe”) against Dhot Enterprises doing business as Tri-City Animal Hospital in Port Coquitlam (the “Employer”). On 27 May 2021, a WorkSafeBC adjudicator (the “Adjudicator”) held that the Employer unlawfully demoted and then dismissed its former office manager/veterinary [...]

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Can I Refuse Unsafe Work?

Yes, a worker has the right to refuse unsafe work. If a worker has reasonable cause to believe that carrying out a task or job will cause imminent harm or undue hazard to the health and safety of themselves and the people around them, they have the right to refuse to carry out the task [...]

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Can employees keep their medical information private?

Does an employee have a right to confidentiality and privacy of their medical information? Employees have a right to confidentiality and privacy of their personal medical information, but these rights are not absolute. Similarly, employers do not have an absolute right to require an employee to disclose confidential medical information, or the right to require [...]

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COVID-19 and the workplace

What do Canadian employers and employees do in the COVID-19 outbreak? COVID-19 and the workplace - Just before this article was written, the Prime Minister of Canada announced that due to COVID-19 Canada’s borders will be closing to most tourists, and that all Canadians abroad must return home and self-isolate.  This is just the latest [...]

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Workers with Disabilities

Employers have important obligations towards workers with disabilities Diversity is one of British Columbia’s greatest strengths and employers gain the diversity advantage when they seek to employ people with disabilities. It is estimated that more than six million Canadians identify as having a disability. Globally, the population of persons with a disability is 1.3 billion. [...]

I have been injured at work

Workplace injuries can be devastating. What should you do if you’ve been injured at work? Most people hurt at work can't sue in the courts. If you’re in an employment relationship, or you’re an independent business person who carries self-paid insurance premiums with your provincial workers compensation board (called “personal optional protection” or “POP” in [...]

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Can You Get Fired for Refusing to Work Overtime?

In British Columbia, Canada, the Employment Standards Act defines the minimum standards of employment that apply to most workplaces in the province. Every province in Canada will have similar acts that outline expectations of employers and employees, though these standards may vary from one place to another. While the Employment Standards Act provides guidelines for [...]

Employment Group Benefits

As an employer, you might be asking yourself about the pros and cons of employment group benefits.  Employer-sponsored benefit plans cover everything from drug and dental coverage to life insurance.  Job seekers are drawn to positions that offer group benefits, especially when it comes to extended health coverage that provides more insurance than offered through [...]

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