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Hiring an Employment Discrimination Lawyer

In Canada, there are laws in place to prevent hiring discrimination on several grounds.  Discrimination is typically considered to be any prejudice against a person based on race or ethnicity, country of origin or citizenship, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, age, criminal record, marital status, disability, or family status.  As such, efforts related to employment recruitment [...]

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Types of Workplace Discrimination

Types of workplace discrimination comes in many forms. Fortunately, we live in an era where companies, employers, and even employees are more sensitive to the myriad forms of discrimination and are also more likely to take steps to eliminate this insidious workplace behaviour. Still, despite the very simple definition of employment discrimination, it can be [...]

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The cost of the RCMP’s ‘culture of dysfunction’

The cost of the RCMP’s ‘culture of dysfunction’ - When Pierre Lemaitre graduated in red serge in 1986, he was shipped to B.C., far from his Quebec upbringing. Location didn’t matter: he had his Stetson and his Strathcona boots — he was a Mountie. This was the realization of a lifelong dream. With an aching [...]

Can You Get Fired for Refusing to Work Overtime?

In British Columbia, Canada, the Employment Standards Act defines the minimum standards of employment that apply to most workplaces in the province. Every province in Canada will have similar acts that outline expectations of employers and employees, though these standards may vary from one place to another. While the Employment Standards Act provides guidelines for [...]

Human Rights Law in Canada

Canada is a country that provides its citizens with a wide range of rights and freedoms.  In 1977, the Parliament of Canada passed the Canadian Human Rights Act that intends to define rights and freedoms that apply equally to all its citizens regardless of their personal identities.  In other words, no matter your sex, sexual [...]

RCMP lawsuit that alleged sexist, racist workplace settled

RCMP settle lawsuit - The RCMP officer who has settled her claim says she is now able to move forward in a better work environment. (Rafferty Baker/CBC) There has been a settlement in the case of a Vancouver Island RCMP officer who alleged a supervisor made derogatory comments against women and First Nations people. Labour [...]

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Former top cop’s new job investigating abuse in hockey provokes unease

Investigating Abuse in Hockey investigating abuse in hockey - Retired RCMP deputy commissioner Craig Callens has been hired to review allegations of abuse in the WHL (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck) Retired deputy commissioner Craig Callens hired by WHL to review allegations from former players. In a lawsuit filed last year, Cpl. Jill Swann alleges her [...]

Dealing with Discrimination at Work

Discrimination at Work - While employment law in Canada is designed partly to protect against workplace discrimination, the sad reality is that discrimination still happens.  Indeed, harassment and discrimination manifest in many ways, but federal law protects everyone in the workplace regardless of ethnicity, nationality, gender, religion, ability, age, sexual orientation, and other identities.  If [...]

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Discriminatory Facebook posting breaches Human Rights Code

In Perez-Moreno v Kulczycki, Vice-Chair Kershaw of the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal held that the Respondent's Facebook posting constituted discrimination contrary to the Ontario Human Rights Code. Facts On 1 August 2012, Perez-Moreno intervened in an argument at work between Kulczycki, a co-worker, and an individual with whom Perez-Moreno was in a relationship. Vice-Chair Kershaw found that, [...]

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