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Articles and resources concerning discrimination at work as it pertains to those seeking employment law advice. The content of these articles, and this website generally, is not intended as legal advice and cannot be relied upon as legal advice.

What to do if you’re being “quiet fired”

Rising interest rates, inflation, and media buzz about an impending recession causes anxiety for a lot of employees – and not just those who have been let go. We wrote a piece recently about employers “quiet firing” employees. This is where employers start treating an employee badly with the hope that the employee will walk away from [...]

“Quiet Firing” and What it Means For Employees

Recently, the media have begun talking about “quiet firing.” Sound familiar?  Well, the term sounds a lot like “quiet quitting.” “Quiet quitting” is a recently coined term used to describe employees who put in no extra hours or effort beyond what’s required by their employer.   What do people mean by “quiet firing?”  It’s basically when an employer looks to [...]

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Tips on how to file a human rights complaint

"Tips on how to file a human rights complaint" is the second blog in a two-part series. In last week’s blog, we reviewed what to consider before filing your complaint. This blog provides some tips for what to do when you’re drafting and filing your complaint. When filing: Explain the discrimination in detail The majority [...]

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How do I make a human rights complaint?

Labour Rights Law practices only in the areas of employment, labour, and human rights law. Over the years, our lawyers have consulted with many clients after the client’s filed their own human rights complaint. Unfortunately, when this happens, we almost always find that the client has made mistakes when filing their claim – mistakes that [...]

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My employer just fired me for raising a safety issue at work. What can I do?

In BC, the Workers Compensation Act protects workers from employers and unions retaliating against them for exercising their rights under health and safety laws. If this happens, workers can get compensation, or even get their jobs back, by filing a “prohibited action” complaint at WorkSafeBC. Last month, I was invited to speak at a Continuing [...]

Supreme Court Plays Trick or Treat with Unionized Employees’ Access to Justice

In a devastating decision for unionized employees, the Supreme Court stripped them of their access to justice by means of personally pursuing a human rights complaint against their employer to a statutory human rights tribunal. In Northern Regional Health Authority v Horrocks, the SCC granted the employee’s union the broad discretion whether or not to [...]

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Labour Rights Law helps RCMP member obtain favourable outcome on medical discharge appeal

Labour Rights Law helps RCMP member obtain favourable outcome on medical discharge appeal from the RCMP External Review Committee.  In 2018, the RCMP discharged one of its members for reasons related to his disability pursuant to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Act and the Commissioner’s Standing Orders (Employment Requirements).  For the RCMP, this is often [...]

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What do I do if I’m working in a toxic work environment?

What do I do if I’m working in a toxic work environment? Over the years, laws in Canada have evolved to protect workers from toxic work environments.  Today, more Canadians than ever understand the legal right to a safe and healthy workplace that is free of bullying and harassment or discrimination under human rights law. [...]

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