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5 Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs to Unionize

Why Your Workplace Needs to Unionize In a non-unionized workplace, the terms and conditions of the employee’s employment are governed through oral or written employment contract between the employee and the employer, and employment standards legislation. In a unionized workplace, however, a trade union that has been chosen by the majority of the employees will [...]

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What Can I do if I am Being Bullied and Harassed at Work?

What Can I do if I am Being Bullied and Harassed at Work? Under the BC Workers Compensation Act, regulations, and policy, it is the obligation of everyone in the workplace, i.e., the employer, supervisors, and employees, to take all reasonable steps to prevent bullying and harassment from taking place. However, not every unpleasant interaction [...]

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Have I been constructively dismissed?

Have I been constructively dismissed? In a previous blog, we discussed what options an employee has available to them if they are being harassed and bullied at work. One of the options we outlined there was for the employee to resign from their employment on the basis that they have been constructively dismissed. What does it [...]

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Introduction to Labour Relations Process

The labour relations process that produces a union-management relationship consists of three phases: union organizing, negotiating a collective agreement, and administering or enforcing the collective agreement. Phase One of Labour Relations Process: Union Organizing In phase one of the labour relations process, a non-union employer becomes unionized through an organizing campaign. The campaign starts either [...]

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