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As a recognized member of the law community, he is frequently invited to make presentations on a wide variety of topics to professional colleagues in law, to labour relations professionals and practitioners, and to union officers, stewards, and members. For more than 17 years he has participated in the Canadian Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral program to make access to justice more available and affordable.

CLEBC – Labour Relations 2018

On 24 October 2018, Sebastien Anderson will be making a presentation to his peers in legal community attending at the Continuing Legal Education Society of BC’s conference: Labour Relations 2018. Sebastien will be addressing grievances and arbitrations concerning bullying and harassment.

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RCMP lawsuit that alleged sexist, racist workplace settled

RCMP settle lawsuit - The RCMP officer who has settled her claim says she is now able to move forward in a better work environment. (Rafferty Baker/CBC) There has been a settlement in the case of a Vancouver Island RCMP officer who alleged a supervisor made derogatory comments against women and First Nations people. Labour [...]

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Choosing an Employment Lawyer

Employees and employers alike sometimes require the services of an employment lawyer.  Whether you are negotiating an employment contract, dealing with the difficult circumstances around a possible wrongful dismissal, or even managing the nuances of a human rights complaint, employment lawyers offer a breadth of expertise that may effectively serve employees as well as employers.  [...]

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What is an Employment Resignation?

It’s really quite simple.  Resignation is the process by which you officially end or terminate employment.  There are many ways to submit your resignation; depending on the nature of your employment contract or the laws in your province, you may resign verbally or in writing.  That being said, most employers will request written notification of [...]

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Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Social Media Mistakes to Avoid - Despite its youth, social media has quickly become a powerful force in marketing.  Sharing opinions, services, products, and announcements via social media gives you the opportunity to reach a large audience with relative ease.  Yet, there are certainly major pitfalls to putting social media to work – and without [...]

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Former top cop’s new job investigating abuse in hockey provokes unease

Investigating Abuse in Hockey investigating abuse in hockey - Retired RCMP deputy commissioner Craig Callens has been hired to review allegations of abuse in the WHL (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck) Retired deputy commissioner Craig Callens hired by WHL to review allegations from former players. In a lawsuit filed last year, Cpl. Jill Swann alleges her [...]

What to Do if You are Laid Off

Life can be stressful sometimes, and one of the most stressful events anyone can experience is the loss of a job.  When people get laid off they can be overwhelmed by financial worries, anxiety about job searches and interviews, or even how to break the news to their loved ones.  Still, optimism can be a [...]

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What is Privacy Rights Law?

What is Privacy Rights Law? With respect to your right to privacy, do you understand the law in Canada?  Privacy rights law in Canada relates to your personal information and how different agencies, including government agencies can use that information.  When you consider how often you share personal information and the diverse range of organizations [...]

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