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As a recognized member of the law community, he is frequently invited to make presentations on a wide variety of topics to professional colleagues in law, to labour relations professionals and practitioners, and to union officers, stewards, and members. For more than 17 years he has participated in the Canadian Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral program to make access to justice more available and affordable.

Labour Rights Law takes Defendants to Litigation School

In Michael Hanrahan v QMI Manufacturing Inc., Avcom Systems Inc., and Raymond Wood (BCSC File No. S2012859), we successfully represented the Plaintiff in a wrongful dismissal claim for an application to strike the Defendants’ late-filed summary trial response and supporting affidavit. Following service of the Plaintiff’s summary trial application, the Defendants were required to file [...]

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Fired? Laid off? Don’t miss out on a cash settlement because you’re afraid of legal costs

If your employer has fired you or laid you off or is breaking the employment contract, don’t let the fear of legal fees stop you from seeing a lawyer! In our experience, 95% of wrongful dismissal matters are settled with the employee receiving a cash settlement during negotiations after a demand letter from a lawyer [...]

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My employer just fired me for raising a safety issue at work. What can I do?

In BC, the Workers Compensation Act protects workers from employers and unions retaliating against them for exercising their rights under health and safety laws. If this happens, workers can get compensation, or even get their jobs back, by filing a “prohibited action” complaint at WorkSafeBC. Last month, I was invited to speak at a Continuing [...]

Union and Collective Agreement: The Best “Insurance Policy” Against Wrongful Dismissal

In non-unionized employment, an employer has the unilateral authority to terminate an employee’s employment for “cause” or for no cause at all! If no cause exists, the employer may terminate the employment relationship by providing “reasonable notice” or pay in lieu thereof that may be as little as the minimum termination pay under employment standards [...]

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Supreme Court Plays Trick or Treat with Unionized Employees’ Access to Justice

In a devastating decision for unionized employees, the Supreme Court stripped them of their access to justice by means of personally pursuing a human rights complaint against their employer to a statutory human rights tribunal. In Northern Regional Health Authority v Horrocks, the SCC granted the employee’s union the broad discretion whether or not to [...]

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Prohibited Practices Complaint Win for Labour Law Associates

Labour Rights Law associate lawyers Madeline Harden and Rebecca Jackson successfully prosecuted a “prohibited practices” complaint before WorkSafeBC (“WorkSafe”) against Dhot Enterprises doing business as Tri-City Animal Hospital in Port Coquitlam (the “Employer”). On 27 May 2021, a WorkSafeBC adjudicator (the “Adjudicator”) held that the Employer unlawfully demoted and then dismissed its former office manager/veterinary [...]

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Justice Ginsburg’s voice will be missed, but will never be silenced

I am heartbroken! Today the civilized World lost one of the greatest jurists of all time. Justice Ginsburg shattered the glass ceiling and led the way for women to be rightly and justly appointed to the Bar and then the Bench. While jurists and lawyers alike are generally conservative by nature, Ginsburg broke that mold. [...]

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Actions speak louder than words; Prime Minister Trudeau does not have time to listen to concerns about the RCMP unlawfully discriminating against disabled members of the RCMP!

Actions speak louder than words; Prime Minister Trudeau does not have time to listen to concerns about the RCMP unlawfully discriminating against disabled members of the RCMP! Meanwhile, we have heard nothing but the sound of crickets coming from Minister Ralph Goodale’s office, who were provided a copy of our correspondence to the Prime [...]

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Hiring an Employment Discrimination Lawyer

In Canada, there are laws in place to prevent hiring discrimination on several grounds.  Discrimination is typically considered to be any prejudice against a person based on race or ethnicity, country of origin or citizenship, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, age, criminal record, marital status, disability, or family status.  As such, efforts related to employment recruitment [...]

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